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Global Zolution

Global Zolution FZE has its corporate headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and sales offices in Europe and Asia. We deliver excellent projects, concepts and process solutions for the EMEA market. The term ZO stands for Spiritual Leader. As the name implies we are committed to provide the best for our clients.


Global Zolution operates in the Information Technology sector, Renewal (Green) Energy and General Trading. All these sectors have separate departments.


The IT Global Zolution sector focuses its operation mostly on Web Application development. Our products, projects and services are world standard and proven for entire customer satisfaction. As a business software vendor of various solutions, we have a long relationship with various sectors. The Global Zolution Software is developed in close consultation and co-ordination with our user groups.


Our green concept focuses on the use of alternative energy sources which is a very important issue nowadays due to the fact that more than 170 countries has signed and rectified the Kyoto protocol. Kyoto is a ''cap and trade'' system that imposes national caps on the emissions of countries. Our sector concentrates on Solar LED Lighting technology.


The Global Zolution group also concentrates on General trading for the EMEA market and focus  on raw materials for the food and non food industry.

Global Zolution is also the marketing office for Reasons for the Middle East and Africa region. Reasons Europe distinguishes itself from the European market with a wide range of High quality products for People with Particular Purpose. Reasons Sport drinks are only produces form high Qualitative ingredients and mineral water.






Why Choose us?

» Multiple dedicated webteams to give you full support

» Multiple years of experience in web development

» Multiple years of experience in e-commerce

» Global partners through local offices

» All round partners in web products and web projects

» Wide customer base

» Wide product range

Our Team

» Efficient, Qualified and Hardworking

» Well organized under different level of Management

» Periodic Training to catch up latest in IT

» Protected under a finest work atmosphere

» Customer Support Ethics

» Added with new talented

» Committed and highly responsible